Adding ops to your new freenode channel

Posted by Jen Tong on January 11, 2012

So you’ve just registered a channel on for your group. No one wants a single point of failure, and you never know when you’ll win the lottery (or be hit by a bus) so you’d like to op your teammates. This way if anything happens to you (good or bad) your colleagues can kick troublemakers and keep the /topic fresh.

If you’re new to IRC interacting with nickserv and chanserv can be confusing at times. There are a ton of features many of which are laden with IRC jargon.

Here’s a step by step for adding your collaborators as operators to your channel:

  1. Each person that you'd like to op must be registered with nickserv.
  2. If you haven't already, register your channel with chanserv
    /msg chanserv register ##bobs-awesome-channel
  3. Set op flags for each user. The little `o` gives them the ability to self op. The big `O` will cause them to be auto-oped upon joining the channel. This can be useful to keep troublemakers from acting up (since they know someone is watching them). You can set only the ability to become an op:
    /msg chanserv flags ##bobs-awesome-channel bob_dole +o
    (notice) Flags +o were set on bob_dole in ##bobs-awesome-channel.
    Or you can set ops and auto-ops
    /msg chanserv flags ##bobs-awesome-channel bob_dole +oO
    (notice) Flags +oO were set on bob_dole in ##bobs-awesome-channel.
  4. You can now verify that the user flags are set properly
    /msg chanserv flags ##bobs-awesome-channel
    (notice) Entry Nickname/Host          Flags
    (notice) ----- ---------------------- -----
    (notice) 1     jenny_murphy           +votsriRfAF [modified 2 weeks ago]
    (notice) 1     bob_dole               +oO [modified 7 seconds ago]
    (notice) ----- ---------------------- -----
    (notice) End of ##bobs-awesome-channel FLAGS listing.

And you’re all done!

If you’ve only set the little o flag, your users must tell chanserv to temporarily turn them into operators when they need it.

/msg chanserv op ##bobs-awesome-channel

That’s all I have for now. Happy IRCing! :)